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Relay of Life

The Dr. Rath Health Foundation is the Receipient of the “Relay of Life and Remembrance” from the Auschwitz survivors

The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’

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Cover of the Senate Report on IG Farben

U.S. Senate Report on IG Farben:

This report was prepared by the "Office of the Military Government U.S. (Germany)" under Colonel GSC Bernard Bernstein, immediately after the end of World War II and published in November 1945 by the US Office of the Military Government in Germany.

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Page from the documents from the IG Farben Trial

Documents from the IG Farben Trial:

Records of the United States
Nuremberg War Crimes Trial
United States of America v. Carl Krauch et al. (Case VI)
August 14, 1947 - July 30, 1948

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Book Cover of "Crime and Punishment of IG Farben" Book Cover of "IG Farben" Book Cover of "Devil's Chemists"

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Journal of the Four Year Plan:

One of the biggest misconceptions about World War II is that this war was an “accident of history”. The following pages correct this myth. They contain articles and advertisements from the monthly journal “The Four Year Plan (Der Vierjahresplan)” published by the Nazi government and detailing the economic and political preparations for World War II. The massive public support of Germany’s largest corporation, as documented here, leaves no doubt that Hitler was the executioner of the conquest plans of corporate Germany for Europe and the World.

Laws 1932-1943:

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