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Relay of Life

The Dr. Rath Health Foundation is the Receipient of the “Relay of Life and Remembrance” from the Auschwitz survivors

Testimonials of Auschwitz Survivors

Jerzy Maria Ulatowski

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English translation:

In September 1944, I witnessed a selection procedure.

I saw Doctor Mengele in the infirmary. My bedfellows, two adult Jews, we shared one bunk, were selected. One of them came up to me, saying, “Farewell. My name’s Tański. If you manage to get out of here, speak out about what happened to me. Here’s my toothbrush. I won’t be needing it. In no more than two hours, I’ll have flown out of here, up the chimney and to heaven”. I’ll remember Tański’s toothbrush till the end of my days.

One evening, when I had an inner ear inflammation in both ears, the nurse gave me an ichthyol compress and wrapped my head in toilet paper. This was the ‘bandage’. When I opened my eyes in the morning, my fellow hospital patients were leaning over me, pointing at my head and laughing. It turned out that in the night the smell of the ichthyol had enticed a rat who had gnawed a hole in the toilet paper and devoured the dressing. I’d slept exceptionally deeply that night. I hadn’t felt a thing.

And there’s another experience I recall. A naked prisoner, outstretched arms firmly gripped by nurses, the SS doctor carries out a puncture, jabbing into his un-anaesthetised spine. The scream that was torn from that patient’s breast is hard to forget. It must have caused him deadly pain.

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